Art of Grief

DUST works with a range of creative practitioners, artists, ceramicists, writers, poets, crafts people and film makers who make memorial artworks. We offer a sensitive consultation service to explore ideas into what kind of object or artwork might be most appropriate as a memorial piece for a loved one. 

While this page is currently being developed please do get in contact if you would like to know more about the artists we work with. 

Cath Francis

Cath Francis pots feel as though they are made of stardust. The beautiful black and dark brown smoke fired pots with their delicate white dust constellations are like holding a mysterious universe in the palm of your hand. She is able to make personalised pots for a small amount of your loved ones ashes to sit on a shrine or memorial space in your home.

Cath lives and works from her rural home in West Penwith, Cornwall. She has a deep commitment to contributing to DUST as a project and as a space where her work can contribute to conversations relating to death and dying.  

Lucy Willow

Lucy Willow has a range of memorial practices such as creating a space for remembrance at a wake or funeral and personalised Memento Mori photography. 


She lives and works in West Cornwall and is the founder of DUST Art of Grief project.  

Emma Saffy Wilson makes mourning poppets and jewellery from ashes, graveyard dirt, items of clothing stitching them together to make magical and comforting objects. 

The series of poppets exhibited in DUST can be used for remembrance, comfort and a reminder of our own or a loved one's connection to the earth.

Muslin, fabric, thread and graveyard dirt.


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