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Bereavement Workshops

Using creative practice as a tool to give shape to individual stories of loss and bereavement we run 1-1 workshops and small group courses. This can be a way (not the only one of course) to enable you to live with grief in a meaningful way. Recognising that each grief journey is different and that there is no one correct way to grieve we work with you to find a creative practice most suited to your particular story of loss. This could include stitching, quilt making, photography, painting, writing and journaling. Using creative practice as a tool in this way can give you a means of actively focusing on the person who has died in your life and doing something active with your grief. Most importantly creativity can help to draw out a story at a time when words often fail us. Being heard and our stories being witnessed can help to address some of the loneliness and isolation often felt during bereavement. 

The Art of Grief  offers a free 45 minute consultation with no obligation to commit to 1-1 creative grief sessions. During the consultation with Lucy Willow she will suggest and design an individual bespoke package tailor made according to your needs and what you would like to receive from the process.  

The Art of Grief short course consists of 6 x 1 hour sessions where Lucy Willow will work with you on a 1-1 basis helping to shape your individual story of grief through creative practice. PRICE £200 

The Art of Grief  1-1 tutorials and guidance for working with grief can be arranged online or in person. PRICE £38 per hour. 

About Lucy Willow

Lucy Willow is an artist who has been using creative practice to draw out stories within community and education settings for the past 20 years. Her background is in higher education and teaches on BA Fine Art at Falmouth University.  She is currently working with bereaved parents using creative processes to honour their grief and particular stories of loss. She has 15 years experience of working with grief as an artist and is an advocate of learning to live with grief rather than treating it as something to get over

To book 1-1 sessions please contact Lucy Willow using the contact form below. 

Please note: Whilst sessions use therapeutic and art based techniques to explore grief Lucy Willow is an artist and educator. Her 1-1 session may be used in conjunction with other grief related counselling services.   

Memorial Artworks

The Art of Grief  works with a range of creative practitioners, artists, ceramicists, writers, poets, crafts people and film makers who make memorial artworks. We offer a sensitive consultation service to explore with you what kind of object or artwork might be most appropriate as a memorial piece for a loved one. 

For more information please get in touch. 



Cath Francis

Cath Francis pots feel as though they are made of stardust. The beautiful black and dark brown smoke fired pots with their delicate white dust constellations are like holding a mysterious universe in the palm of your hand. She is able to make personalised pots for a small amount of your loved ones ashes to place on a shrine or memorial space in your home.

Cath lives and works from her rural home in West Penwith, Cornwall. 

Lucy Willow

Lucy Willow offers a range of memorial practices such as creating a space for remembrance at a wake or funeral, personalised end of life photography or working with you to honour the person who has died in your life.  


She is a Lecturer in Fine Art at Falmouth University and an artist living and working in West Cornwall 

Emma Saffy Wilson makes mourning poppets and jewellery from ashes, graveyard dirt, items of clothing stitching them together to make magical and comforting objects. 

The series of poppets exhibited in THE ART OF GRIEF Gallery and Shop can be used for remembrance, comfort and a reminder of our own or a loved one's connection to the earth.

Muslin, fabric, thread and graveyard dirt.


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