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Conversations with Death

DUST operates from an old shop in Penzance. It brings together artefacts, objects, artworks and research on creative practice and grief. It borrows work by artists, writers, poets, and professionals relating to death. DUST is a multi disciplined platform for conversation about death and grief to take place. DUST uses artworks, artifacts, and objects as prompts to guide us through grief giving voice to emotion’s we find difficult to express. Acting as tools for healing and transformation they can trigger personal stories, memories, and feelings.




A selected cabinet of objects from DUST relating to death and grief finds a home at Museum of Magic and Folklore in Falmouth. The collection now sits among a world of fascinating objects, books and artworks curated by the antiquarian and artist Steve Patterson. The Grief Cabinet is

on long term loan to the museum creating sparks, colliding in a psychic charged space and creating news stories yet to be told.

Steve Patterson and Lucy Willow are working in partnership on this ongoing project.



THE GRIEF CABINET, a curated cabinet of curiosites relating to grief, exhibited at Museum of Magic

and Folklore, Falmouth


Opening event, Museum of Magic and

Folklore, March 2023

The DUST collection invites you to stop, to reflect, to think about what has been lost, what has been broken, and the stories attached to the things that we save.


The head of a taxidermy canary so fragile and

tender lies next to a sparking diamante broach of

an eye. The eye was pressed into my palm as a gift

from a mother whose daughter had recently died

of a heroin overdose. This eye broach was worn at

her funeral. A large purple pupil staring out un

derneath gold eyelashes and diamante beads. She

lovingly told me the broach was to always remind

her to really ‘see’ someone, to never walk by some

one homeless on the streets, to see people beyond

their addictions. This broached is charged with the

legacy of a beautiful young woman whose story

continues to be told.

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