Dirt Dust & Death


Art of Grief Museum and Shop


DUST is a cabinet of curiosities, a museum and shop with a growing collection of artifacts relating to death and grieving rituals. It houses a collection of objects that tell stories of loss that are on display alongside artworks by artists and makers who’s work addresses death and grief in some way.

DUST is small organisation that brings together artists, writers, poets, academics & community to a space where shared story telling can take place.

DUST presents changing exhibitions and borrowed collections, hosts conversations relating to death and grief as well as holding events addressing culturally diverse memorial and grieving practices.


DUST also offers a series of talks with themes relating to memorials, graveyards, burial rites, funeral customs and mourning  that explore  the presence the dead have in the lives of the living. It is a place where stories can be heard. DUST will invite members of the  community to add to each themed collection through the borrowing and exhibiting of objects, recording and inviting personal bereavement narratives and hosting events relating to the collection.  The project will source historic and contemporary examples of caring for the dead encouraging conversation to take place around the objects and images in the collection. DUST will bring together community artworks and stories with artist’s work  providing a rich and varied response to grief and loss. 


DUST is a place for the bereaved to talk freely about their dead, commission objects related to sadness and grief, to sign up for a personalised course, to have grief mentoring, or to share story telling. 

We will use creative practice alongside museum objects and artifacts to guide individuals to find healthy ways of continuing bonds with their loved ones.