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Conversations with Death

boy with dead goldfinch .jpg

Boy with Dead Goldfinch, Lucy Willow, 2009

THE DUST PARLOUR has evolved from its previous incarnation DUST museum and exhibition space to become a speaking room where events, tarot readings, seances, a dark book club and otherworldly gatherings will take place. 


Modelled on the idea of a Victorian parlour the THE DUST PARLOUR  is filled with books, a cabinet of human bones, a ticking clock, velvet chaise lounge, objects and artworks by Lucy Willow.  

The Dust Parlour, 4-5 Albert Buildings, TR18 2DB

THE DUST PARLOUR is an installation containing artworks by Lucy Willow that borrow from Victorian spiritualist practices such as scrying as a way of contacting the spirit world and speaking to the dead.


Drawing together a range of objects such as John Dee’s scrying mirror, displayed in the form of an online collection (instagram and website) these objects will be used to provoke conversations around death, dying and grief.

The Dust Parlour, 4-5 Albert Buildings, TR18 2DB

John Dee, Scrying Mirror, published in Curiosity, Hayward Publishing

Collectable books and tarot cards invite further conversation.  

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